A group home is a private residence designed or converted to serve as a home for unrelated persons who share common characteristics. Good Times Group Home provides services for the developmentally disabled community. In the United States, the term most often refers to homes designed for those in need of social assistance, and who are usually considered incapable of living alone or without proper supervision.
Each of our group homes have a capacity 6 residents. Both homes have their respective resident manager and/or service staff. Residents may have their own room or share rooms. They share facilities such as laundry, bathroom, kitchen and common living areas. Good Times Group Home strives for a family atmosphere so that consumers could feel as if they are in their own home.
Initially we meet with possible consumers and their family members to give them a tour of the home.If you are satisfied with the home, the support coordinators or social workers are notified and they begin the process of notifying the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) about the changes to be made.Once approved by APD the group, home administrators will accept the new consumer and schedule a move in date with the families.
Good Times Group Home offers round -the- clock staff. The staff rotates shifts on a daily basis to ensure continuous care for all consumers. The duties of the staff include but are not limited to caring for the individuals and adjusting their assistance to each consumers specific needs.The staff members are encouraged to promote independence as much as possible. They assist in daily living skills as well as carrying out Individualized Personal Plans (IPP’s).
All staff members are required to have local and state background screenings before beginning employment. The staff also receives a series of trainings before employment. Some of these trainings include CPR, Medication Administration, HIPPA, Emergency Procedures, Crisis Management, 20 hour Behavior Focus Curriculum, Wheelchair Transfer, and many more.
Activities in Good Times Group Home are varied and designed to pique the interest of all of our residents.
Although the decision is ultimately up to the resident, we encourage everyone to participate in all of our social activities. We provide the residents in our homes with a variety of in-home activities as well as community outings.
Community outings are scheduled on a monthly basis.
A calendar is posted in the home with the outings for the month. The activities calendar is also posted
on our website for families and friends to review. Because we understand the individual needs of our consumers,
we allow them to participate in the decision making of their monthly outings.
Our daily in-home activities are based on the consumer’s personal preferences.
Examples of the in-home activites include arts and crafts, board games, baking, outdoor exercises,
gardening, manicures, and much more.
Good Times Group Home works closely with families to provide adjustments to any special dietary needs.
Many of our consumers are lactose intolerant or diabetic. In these cases, we accommodate the menu and keep
the individual’s special needs in mind while preparing their meals.
Visitation rights are based on the family’s personal preferences. The consumer is allowed to go home to visit family members whenever they please. Home visits may include the option of spending the night. The families are also welcome to visit the consumers at the home whenever they desire.
All three of our homes are co-ed. Although both male and females share the common areas of the homes, the bedrooms are strictly same sex.
Good Times Group Home #1 is wheelchair accessible. It also features a large handicap bathroom with a bench in the shower. The hallways and bedrooms were specially designed for easy access and movement with a wheelchair.